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Personalised Printing Marketing Specialist

Personalised Printing, Create Your One-To-One Marketing Campaign.

With personalised printing, every single printing include flyers, brochure, invitation card, event ticket and any kind of promotional printing can include an individual’s name or details like address, email, date of birth and so on.

You can even create some personalised postcard which have different of picture like your whole family , each different people picture sending out postcard to different people. Best of all, there’s no minimum quantity required.

digital-printWith Variable Data Printing you have the ability to use what you know about your recipients to send a message that is personalised and unique. Many businesses, corporate company and schools have increase Return On Investment and response rates using Variable Data Printing.
– Insert each unique names
– Personalise each copy , colors and images
– Each piece of printout is different, based on variables data which is customer’ characteristics, past purchases, gender, income and so on…
– Personal , timely and persuasive
– Insert different pictures, directions and contact information
– Vary your mechandising mix corresponding to demographics, psychographics and purchase behavior
Personalised Marketing To Increase Return On Investment.

One-to-One marketing solutions can actually help you to produce more effective and profitable communications campaigns. It is proven that the direct marketingcampaign will greatly increase sales of a product, increase profits for a company and higher response rates from the customer.At MITECH, our digital printing technology enable us to personalise any printed materials so you can be as creative and personalised as you like.
Request a free quote today to find out how you can make your print talk.

The Benefits of Personalised Printing

– Boost response rates with unique and personal message
– Relevance and personalisation increase ROI.
– Enviromentally friendly by ordering the exact amount of printing
– Higher conversion rates with increased order quantity.
– Increase loyalty and retention of customer
– Maximize cost efficiency and get better postage rates by printing countless versions in a single print run.

Take advantages of your customer information and fulfill your customers needs. Specifically tailor your copy, images and colors to appeal to your customers.
Would like to know more information on Variable Data Printing?

Call 03 – 61777210 or our sales representative (Nazrin- +6012 6594621) to get started. We will propose a complete solutions for you to make personalised printing easy, affordable and effective!

We will cover the process of preparing your database, acquiring a new list and setting up the design. It’s easy, let get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still open questions?

Yes. We have to create your own design and we will do the printing. Please contact us for any enquiry.

You send your artwork or document to us by email to

Yes, but you need get quote and check on the size availability for print. Please follow our product sizes. These are the sizes that we highly recommend that serve majority needs.

All orders can only be made through our website but you have to be a member to do this.

Step 1: Click “Request Quote” link, choose type of product then insert your item of process

Step 2: Fill-up online order form and upload your artwork

Step 3: In the Confirm Order step, check your print order request and click “SUBMIT ORDER” to complete process

Step 4: We will reply your request and guide for the next step.

Once you have keyed in all the necessary details in the Ordering Page (which includes uploading your artwork), click the “NEXT” button (this will attach your files to the order form).
We will contact you for conformation order.

We will send your quotation or invoice by email.
*You must upload your bank-in transaction slip or fax the reload form attached with the transaction slip as proof of your funds transfer and reload request.
*Applicable to all payment methods
A. Cash / *Cheque (Bank-in) *Cheque deposits for CIMB account only.
B. Interbank Funds Transfer

You do not have to pay for delivery. Our product price is charge by WM or EM (i.e. West Malaysia and East Malaysia had different prices), we will deliver the completed goods to your address you state during ordering.

While we strive to send your completed order out on time, the exact time of its arrival to your doorstep will depend on the courier service company. Although the courier service company we have engaged delivers to most places, some areas require longer delivery time due to inconsistent demand and sometimes lack of road infrastructure.

Yes, you are most welcome to do so. Our freight delivery is from 1pm – 7pm , please call up to our delivery department before you make your collection from our MEGA ITECH premises.