Document Culling and ReFilling

Culling and searching occur throughout the discovery process and are tightly related components of any solid and defensible processing strategy. Simply defined, culling is the process of programmatically removing content that is irrelevant, while searching is the process of identifying content that is most likely relevant and will require review. Together, when implemented effectively, culling and searching will reduce and focus the reviewable content universe–saving clients time and money for higher value downstream activities.

We can culling your files by year, destruction date, or any specification you require. We can reorganise your files to suit your ling systems and help you to overcome any Health and Safety issues.
If you are having trouble keeping on top of your filing, we can supply our experienced, temporary, filing staff to help you out.

We expert:
  • Culling of medical records, government and corporate files
  • Preparation for sentencing and destruction
  • Confidential and secure destruction with certificate
  • Off site storage
  • File relocation, on site or off site
  • Managed and supervised by RHIS
  • Quality audits conducted by qualied Health Information Managers Quotations provided by project

Scanning and Data Capture

The first step towards a paperless office is the scanning of documents as you can greatly reduce the space required for archiving. MEGA ITECH helps you to transfer your documents into digital files for easy distribution within your organisation. By migrating from physical to digital documents, you can make your processes more efficient and also more cost-effective. Through validation and the addition of data, we enhance the usefulness of your information.

Increase efficiency of your document processes

Our scanning, data capture and processing service enables us to intelligently capture data and index images for subsequent import into client Electronic Content or Document Management systems.
Paper documents are converted to digital scans which can then be transferred to the user directly over secure connections or via media such as CD/DVD. Alternately, digital documents can be stored on a customer’s own dedicated space on a password protected secure server.