Who we are?

MEGA ITECH NETWORK (002119156-v) is the world’s leading source of design information and insight on businesses. has established itself as a major player in the advertising industry in Malaysia with its distinct vision and clear approach to help small to medium businesses grow. We believe in excellence and efficiency when it comes to our customers. In order to keep up with an increasingly competitive market, we provide a wide range of services to your convenience. We listen to and value each customer and intend to work together to contribute to an overall positive experience.

We offer a wide range of services, We are very experienced in Advertising, Web Development, Creative Design, Marketing Communications, IT Support and related. We continually try to implement new technologies and improve the quality of the services that we offer.

Our in-house teams of graphic designers and content specialists design and build exceptional websites that out-rank and out-perform those of our clients’ competitors. We utilize the thoughts and perspectives of our entire team to tackle our client’s challenges and create solutions driven by data, knowledge, logic, research, creativity, and intuition


Our Mission

Our vision is to emerge as fully owned Bumiputera entity that is competitive and committed in providing services and advice in professional marketing consultants.

In order to achieve the vision of the company, we outlines several missions to be undertaken by:

  1. Implement the project as a responsible with the value of honesty and efficiency
  2. Diligence, excellence, tolerant, and highly competitive
  3. Diplomacy to common good.
  4. Practice teamwork professionally and productive
  5. Apply new technology and systems to manage the quality of project handled